Careful what you wish for....

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The day was like any other grimy, monotonous and baking summer day in Mumbai. I left MAAC after my daily practice conference.
Lord I detest that place from the core of my tiny heart and I just can’t get enough of saying this.
Anyways that’s not the issue here.
As per routine ,I boarded Bus No.254 ( Veera Desai Road-Andheri Station) and rushed to my beloved window seat No.4 (right hand side-yep, I owned it) before somebody else grabbed it.

Beloved it is because from here I can stick my head out of the window like a dog and sense the air on my face as the bus gets into motion. Nobody!! Nobody can block my view, except the driver. Err…rare chances of him doing that though.

The air plays a crucial role of blowing away the trauma off my face, which I have perhaps inherited from MAAC.
My cell phone-a very significant collaborator of the air –helps me soothe my twinge by keeping me supplied with some decent music before I march into a fresh combat zone (read home ) and gear up for an even more brutal war. This one continues to be fought over the past 5 years, in favor of “messed up” lifestyles, additional brunch options and minuscule internet usage.

So much for the details, back to the episode.

So I had my MP3 on shuffle mode as that happens to be, perhaps, the only ‘amusement’ in my MAAC infested life. As I switched to the music, the first song to appear was Chris Daughtry’s “I'm going home”.

Ah I love that song!
Even though the artist is in high spirits that he’s finally going home and that isn’t quite how I feel when I do the same these days, I do love the song.

Ahem, so…where was I? Umm..Yea…so

The sun was flaring hard on my face. I couldn’t possibly keep my enormous eyes open. And even when I shut them firm, I could see multi-colored fireworks shooting all over. My not-so-pale face had turned all red and my ears could spot the veins. They looked like river tributaries.

All I could think of was water…and downpour …and drizzle …Those are the obvious things that could come to your mind, ain’t they? I could accurately picture myself drenched from head to toe.

And then all of a sudden…… out of nowhere emerged an angelic bump on the road. An overflowing water tanker passed by my bus and hit the bump so hard that the water gushed out of the bright red tanker , bounced stiff on its iron body and splattered right on my face, arms and also my cell phone. As if it was destined to come and slap my face so hard, that I had no choice but to smile and be glad…while I go home.

And exactly right then Chris Daughtry sings in my ears…
''Careful what u wish for…..cuz u just might get it all ….u just might get it all ''

Mind-boggling eh?
You can call it co-incidence, fluke, twist of fate….your choice!
I had asked for it!
To add to this freaky-yet-not-so-freaky experience….trust me ....when I was writing this down I had plugged my MP3 in my ears and the music started again.........
...................with the same song.


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